Was lost and now am found

A little while ago someone rang our doorbell. Most of the time
that means when I open the door I will see a child trying to raise
money for some thing, a Jehovah Witness or and adult wanting a signature on a petition.
This afternoon though, the woman standing at the door said “Are you the owner of Norman?” She said someone posted on the neighborhood association’s Facebook page that Norman the tortoise was missing. The woman at my door wanted to know if we had found Norman. She thought the Facebook page gave our address.
This strikes me as odd on so many levels. Why would this woman drive to someone’s house to see if they had found their missing tortoise? Was she coming to offer her sympathy or just curious? Am I mistaken or could a tortoise really move quick enough to make a break for freedom? And how could anything that big be lost? Does my neighborhood have an organization,and a Facebook page? If so shouldn’t someone have told me?
Of course the existential question is why would Norman leave home without even saying goodbye. After a little research on Facebook, I discovered that Norman’s family had taken him to a park. The park is in a nearby neighborhood — one that actually has a Facebook page. Norman’s family live somewhere not far from us but they did not give their address. Anyway, I hope the woman who rang our doorbell re-checked the Facebook page because Norman was found a little while ago. And now that I’ve seen a photo of him, I can see he does have an adventuring personality.

One thought on “Was lost and now am found

  1. Charming! I'd love to hear more about Norman's existential nature – and about his dash to freedom. I know you're curious.


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