Day 6 (of 31 days of free writing)

When I was younger I believed that truth was solid, something that was absolute. What I learned as true in my history classes I find now was a one sided view of what really happened. What science proved to be true when I was younger has now been shown to be false. Just look what happened to Pluto! Once it was a planet, then it was not, and now it is labeled a dwarf planet with one of its five moons composed of organic macromolecules that may be ingredients for the emergence of life. It seems clear to me that more research will bring new truths to light. Recently I read that there is finally some attention being paid to the placebo effect. In fact some people do have the ability to heal their own bodies based on what they believe. Others of us, myself included, lack this talent. The lesson here is not to scoff at those who are lucky enough to have this power. The research isn’t there yet, but it appears that this ability may be genetic. It’s easy for me to understand why some people don’t always believe in the same things. The possibilities for what is true is limitless and the universe is expanding.