Trust the Dawning Future

The sun appears to slide towards the sea like a seductress waving scarfs while backing away inch by inch. The water mirrors the colors of the sky, splashing yellow, pink, salmon, and violet. Just when I think it is over, sun out of view, the clouds pick up the theme and intensify the colors in a last attempt at enticement.  It is as if the sun is still fluttering her scarfs from behind the closed door of night. Follow me she tempts.
After the sunset has given it’s last burst, little star patterns emerge from the darkness. The constellation we call Orion begins to rise from the southeast. Welcome back old friend, I think. Glad to know you are still doing well, still up for the good fight.
By morning the tide will be at it’s lowest ebb. Rows of sea birds will be sitting on the sand bars and the sunrise will turn the sky to yellow gold just before it pops above the horizon lighting the stage. I muse about how each of these, sunset, star sparkles, and the golden dawn are like jewels in an infinity chain. The eternal return is indeed what seduces me. My mortality is so insignificant.
We’ve spent four weeks at the beach and I feel like I have been drinking in each sunset, gulping the gifts of sun, sea and, sandy ground. Tomorrow we will pack our belongings and head towards home. The sunsets there are small city slices between houses and tall trees. I lose touch with the circularity of life. I miss the subtle spectacular repetitions of our circular planet Earth and the wider view.