Day 1 (of 31 days of free writing)

I was a librarian for thirty years, so censorship is anathema to me. Sure books can be harmful, that’s because books can change minds, attitudes, even life choices. Overall I find that it is human nature to find change threatening. As much as I like to pretend that I love change, the truth is often that is just a story I tell myself.

I know the genres that I prefer to read and the authors I admire. Recently I made a conscious decision to try something new. I actually read a romance novel for the first time. I mean it was pure happy-ever-after love story that ticked every box for its genre. First the couple don’t like each other, then there is a kiss and pow! Next comes the break-up and its devastating to the characters and the reader. We all know they are perfect for each other, why don’t they? Onward to the make-up scene, which is spectacular and the happy-ever-after. Sigh. What a relief and who cares that it was totally unrealistic?

Maybe it didn’t change my mind one bit, but it was a welcome rest to my over-thinking brain.