Day 21 (of 31 days of free writing)

I seem to have attracted a few followers every day since I started this thirty-one days of free writing challenge. Each day I glance at the names of the other bloggers out there who have clicked like on what I posted yesterday. Then I puzzle over what they write. It seems to me that most are picking up on the key words I have added to signify my topic. When I used food as a tag, my piece was noticed by people who write exclusively about recipes. Most of the people who say they “like” my post have only done so once. I see no evidence that I have a true following with the exception of a few personal friends. What I notice is that many of the people who claim to be following my blog in fact have hundreds, if not thousands of followers themselves. This make sense if they are going around and liking posts rather willy-nilly. Maybe it’s like having friends on Facebook and the more you have the better you feel about yourself. Today, day twenty-one, I actually liked someone’s blog back. Call me a snob if you want but I’m just not that easily swayed by popularity clicks.