Day 23 (of 31 days of free writing)

It is finally cool enough outdoors in North Florida that we can open windows. The cat could not be happier. We all enjoy the sounds of birds chirping and the squirrels rustling in the dry leaves. We can hear some traffic noise and an occasional siren whizzing by on its way to an emergency. I consider it good luck that we don’t hear many other irritating sounds. I like silence.

One of our neighbors uses an old fashioned lawn mower. It requires no gasoline or electricity, just a lot of muscle from the woman who pushes it up and down her sloping yard. Another neighbor has a robot trimming his lawn. I admit when I first saw it I got the giggles. I stared at that little bot in fascination as it crisscrossed in the most illogical way, nibbling little blades of grass without making a sound. It works hard in rain or shine, day and night. I just haven’t quite figured out why it would need headlights. Our property is just a bit shy of an acre. We have so many trees that grass doesn’t thrive. What is not covered by pine needles or magnolia leaves is fern or flowers. No buzzing mower is required.