Day 31 (of 31 days of free writing)

Tonight is the night that the ghosts and goblins get to party. The specter of death is all around us but we are not spooked. In fact we are celebrating. Young and old are dressed up in funny or scary costumes. They are out wandering in search of a good time. Children are allowed to beg for candy tonight. Instead of lighting candles in the graveyard they carry flashlights.

Our doorbell has not rung once and I do not expect it to, since we now live in a part of town with no sidewalks. In another time and another place we would be dropping bite sized chocolates into paper bags for hundreds of tiny beggars wearing masks. I miss those little imps dressed as Harry Potter or Cinderella. It was a demand I often wished I did not have to fill, but now that I not longer had Trick or Treaters at my door I can and remember those times fondly.